Over the past 9 years, the Black Country Beer Festival has grown from a 30 cask event into the three day event with 100+ casks, 30+ ciders, gins, live cricket and music which have made this a firm favourite on the circuit, with people travelling from as far as Oxford and Leeds.

As you can imagine, the work required to organise such a large festival is huge and requires a vast amount of time. The organisers are all volunteers and have over the years given a huge amount of their own time; taking no personal benefit from it, with all monies being used to keep Lye Cricket Club running.

As you may or may not know, the organisers are no longer associated with the cricket club, whilst still maintaining friendships and relationships with the club and many of its members. This however, does mean that extra expenditure will be required to either rent the club ground or another venue. Those attending the festival in 2018 will recall the less than pleasant weather conditions which impacted heavily on our income. For these reasons and for the general sanity of the organisers we sadly announce that this year, in the terminology of Michael Eavis of Glastonbury festival fame, will be a ‘fallow year’ and that there will not be a 10th festival.

We are looking to the future and hope to see you for the 10th anniversary. In the meantime, thank you to all the suppliers, bands, touring cricket teams and anyone who has helped out behind the bars, on the gates or in setting up. Most of all, the organisers would like to thank you, the customers, for making the last 9 festivals so much fun and such a success.

See you again. Jake, Tasha, Dave, Dave, Rob, Loz and Mark.




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